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Safe Password Guideline Useless Author

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Safe Password Guideline Useless Author

You are always asked to choose a Safe Password Guideline Useless Author that includes not only letters but also numbers and special characters such as @,%, # etc. Passwords selected in this way are thought to be more secure because hackers cannot guess them. The real culprit is Bill Burr, who wrote a guideline on password security in 2003 while working for the US government.

According to this guideline, the password should be changed every now and then. The password should include numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and symbols.
Safe Password Guideline Useless Author

But now Mr. Burr says he regrets his suggestions on passwords because they make it easier for hackers to hack rather than secure passwords.

He says his suggestions make it harder for people to remember Safe Password Guideline Useless Author , but easier for computers to guess passwords.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Burberry said most of the guidelines in the guideline, called the NIST Special Publication 800-63 Appendix A, were incorrect. Thanks to their instructions, we’ve come up with weird passwords like my60okP @ ssw0rd.

Instead of improving their Safe Password Guideline Useless Author security, they are endangering the security of their computers.
The biggest reason for this is the great difficulty in remembering these passwords. So users usually write down such difficult passwords somewhere or if they manage to remember the password then they start using the same password in different places. Not only that, but when a user is asked to change their password, they make very minor changes to their previous complex password.
For example, add 1 or 2 to the end of it, move a letter back and forth. This process is called transformation by security experts and hackers are not only aware of this human psychology but also try to take advantage of it through their tools. Randomly written numbers in the middle of the password do not improve the security of the password.

Now experts have changed their minds about Safe Password Guideline Useless Author. Now it says that long passwords that use four words are more secure. For example, if your password is correcthorsebatterystaple, it will take a computer 550 years to figure it out correctly. In contrast, if your password is Tr0ub4dor & 3 as per Burr’s instructions, the computer will find out in just 3 days.

In light of the new guidelines, you should also choose a password consisting of four or more characters to secure your various online accounts. If possible, use Roman Urdu words in the password instead of English. This will make it more difficult to guess the password.

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