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Live video streaming on Facebook

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Live video streaming on Facebook

Facebook introduced the Facebook Live video streaming on Facebook feature first for celebrities and then for more Facebook users. This feature has now been introduced to all Facebook users.
This feature is very easy to use. For those who use the TwitterPeriScope, its use must be well known.

However, don’t expect all your friends to be watching you live for the first time.
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You will not see a large Broadcast Now message on the screen to use this feature. In fact, at the moment, it doesn’t seem like you can do anything other than post-traditional.

The Livestream feature is hidden under the Status icon.

Selecting it will bring up a new icon after the Check In icon. If you haven’t posted a status update recently, you should check out New! Record and share live video will be floating.
If you are ready for broadcasting, click on the icon to allow Facebook to use the camera and microphone. You only have to do this once.

As soon as you hit the Continue button, you will be asked for the details of the broadcast. In the same screen, select your privacy setting, in this setting you can choose Public Sharing or Friend Sharing. You can also choose sharing for yourself if you wish.
You can create video in portrait or landscape mode with your facetime or rear camera, but the video will always look square.
If you create a video in portrait mode, the intoyourpc.comLive video streaming on Facebook comments will be below the video. If you create a video in landscape mode, the live Facebook comments will appear on the right. As you go live, the video in your timeline The feed will appear.

Broadcasting Live video streaming on Facebook

You will be watching your video on the rod casting screen just like your friends are watching.
I will also see how many viewers you have, how long you have been on air and you will also see comments.
There is no limit to how long you can stream from Facebook, but to take full advantage of this feature, your network of friends must be large enough. For better live streaming, it’s best to use it over Wi-Fi.

When celebrities or brand pages use the live stream feature, their followers get push notifications, but when ordinary users do live to stream, there is no guarantee that push notifications will go. Some users say that no one received a push notification during their live streaming, while others say that a few people had a push notification during their live streaming.
The best solution is for users to post their timing in a separate post before “addressing” their friends, so that your friends can hear you at specific times.
When your broadcast is complete, the broadcast video is saved in your timeline, so that if someone doesn’t listen to you, they can also benefit from replay.
The video can also be saved in the phone’s camera roll, where it can be edited and posted on other social media.
The only downside to Facebook Livestream at the moment is that it shows push notifications to very few of your friends, while Periscope notifies all Twitter followers, otherwise Facebook Live Streaming is much better in terms of video quality. ۔


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