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How to delete your Google Maps Location history

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How to delete your Google Maps Location history

How to delete your Google “chases” its users every step of the way. The company’s Google Maps app stores records of all the places users have visited with their phones. While this is beneficial for some users, it is also a concern for users who are sensitive to privacy.
You can also see all the places you’ve visited on the Google Maps timeline (click here to visit).
This is where you can stop Google from tracking location history or delete location history data.

How to delete your Google Maps Location history
Disable the location history feature

First, go to the Google Maps timeline via from your desktop browser.


Then click the Manage Location History tab.

Alternatively you can click on the Pause Location History by clicking on the Settings icon.
You can disable Location History on the Activity page.

To delete location history
Open the Google Maps application on your mobile.
Open the menu option by tapping the hamburger button on the left and select Your timeline.
On the next screen, tap the Menu button and then tap Settings.
Scroll down to Location Settings and select Delete all Location History. Here you can also delete selected location data from the Delete Location History range.
If you’re on the desktop, you can delete all of your location history by clicking the Delete icon on the Google Maps timeline.

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