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Easy Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online

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Easy Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online

Easy Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online By the way, there are many ways you can prevent your children from the evils of the internet, and the results are significant, but they still seem to have some flaws. But the two methods we are going to tell you about today are the best and easiest to use, and they are absolutely free! Your few minutes can save your children from the evils, viruses and malware of the internet.

Easy Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online
Open DNS Family Shield

This free service is used through specially configured DNS that examines every command you use over the Internet. It acts as an Internet telephone book.


Whenever a web address such as is typed, your browser (DNS) will translate that URL into an IP address (such as that only a computer can understand, and the web Will present the site to you.

OpenDNS is a very useful service, in which you can create your free account, and easily go to its settings and close the categories of different types of websites, for example you can You can turn off “dating” websites by going to the account, after which no dating site will be able to run on your network.

Similarly, you can easily block “chat” or “video” websites, etc., and you can also block different types of messengers, etc., or allow a single messenger to run. Are

OpenDNS has about 60 categories, you can open and close any category you want.

OpenDNS experts and users are constantly adding new websites to their genres, so that the data of each new and old site is stored with OpenDNS.
It’s also very easy to use, just use the “open DNS” DNS in your computer or modem, and your internet will be safe.
Click here to visit the OpenDNS website.

Norton Family Online:

The free version can help you monitor your child’s activity on the Internet. It allows you to find out which websites your child visited using any Internet connection. What did you search for? And what kind of activities did he engage in on social media?
You can tell Norton’s service which site to open and which to close. You can also set a time for each child, and open or close websites according to his or her age, so that other children’s activities are not affected. A special version that costs $ 50 per year. You can also check your children’s messages, video chats and mobile phones.

To use it, you need to install certain types of software on the computers used by your children, which are very easy to use.

Click here to visit the Norton Family website.

Hopefully, with these two free services, you can easily succeed in making your children’s and family’s internet better and safer. If you have any other suggestions or methods, be sure to let other readers know, fill out the form below.

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