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Easy ways to block unwanted numbers on your phone

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Easy ways to block unwanted numbers on your phone

Easy ways to block unwanted numbers on your phone Mobile phones are both a convenience and a hassle. Convenience so you can call your friends and relatives from anywhere. But at the same time, it can be a nuisance if you are bothered by unwanted calls. In this case, you have to ask the mobile service providers to block the phone number. But what if you could block your unwanted numbers from your smartphone?

We show you how you can block your unwanted numbers in iOS 7, Android and Windows Phone 8.

IOS (iPhone)

It’s very easy to block any unwanted number in the iPhone operating system.

Easy ways to block unwanted numbers on your phone

If the blocked number is included in your contact list, go to the phone app and open the details of that contact, select ‘Block this Caller’ at the very end of the page.

If it is a specific number that you want to block, find that number in your list of recently used numbers in the ‘recent calls’ list, select the “i” sign, scroll down the page, and finally Select ‘Block this Caller’. By blocking any number, you can not only block calls received from this number but also avoid messages from this number.
However, rejected calls appear in red with the person’s name or number in your list.


There are two ways to block phone numbers in Android, you can do this from the app in the phone and also from the app created for this purpose.

If you’re using a Samsung device, open your phone’s app, select the menu button, and go to the call setting, the first option in the list will be “Call rejection.” Open this menu and select the number you want to block. Add to
The same is true of LG’s new phones.
In HTC which uses Sense UI version 5, open the phone book, select the menu button on the top right, select the block contact here and add the number to be blocked.

In addition, there are many applications in the Play Store through which this work can be done, all of them ‘Mr. Number’.
The most famous. Unwanted numbers can be blocked with this app. You can get this app for free from the Play Store.

Windows Phone:

To block any number in Windows Phone 8, you need to install GDR2 software in it.

You will also need to use an extra app. This is Nokia’s call + SMS filter application that will be found on Windows Marketplace. When it is installed, it will add the ability to block your phone. Press the number you want to block with your finger and do not remove the finger until the menu appears, and if you want to go to your phone’s settings menu, scroll down the page, here you call + SMS Filter section will be found.
You can also remove the unwanted number from here. You can get this app for free by clicking here.

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