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Causes of ugly lines on back iPhone

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Causes of ugly lines on back iPhone

Causes of ugly lines on back iPhone When Apple introduced the iPhone 6S and S6 Plus in September, viewers immediately noticed a clear difference between the new and old iPhones. The screen of the new phone is bigger than the previous phones and the new phone is different from the previous models. Thinner and lighter than
The most important change was that the back panels of the first iPhones were made of ceramics and glass, while the new model case was made of aluminum with thin plastic-like lines running from the top and bottom of the phone to both sides.

Gold and Rose Gold The lines were white on the iPhone and gray on Silver and Space Silver.
After this change came to light, people started calling for it. There were discussions on various websites that if Steve Jobs was alive, he would allow such a phone call.

Causes of ugly lines on back iPhone
What was the answer to these questions?

No one knows, because Apple has not yet told anyone about these white lines on the phone.

However, those who keep a close eye on the company say that these lines are for the signal or antenna of the iPhone.
For more information, contact Jeff Sander, Director of Marketing, iFix It. He quoted the white lines as saying that the white lines on the outside case were the signal signal to the phone.
He said that the glass section on the back of iPhone 5 and 5S, iPhone 4 and 4S was also for the same purpose.
Apple will not include such lines in the design of the next iPhone.

Earlier this year, the company filed a copyright application, according to which the mixed material of the mobile will be the source of radio signals.
The iFix It company is also known for tear down various devices and telling the truth.  iFix It said  the iPad mini 4 is actually the iPadier 2.

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