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Android phone accelerometer be used to listen phone calls

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Android phone accelerometer be used to listen to phone calls

Just because an application doesn’t give you access to your microphone doesn’t mean it can’t hear your voice. Researchers have created an attack called Speakerphone. Android phone accelerometer This attack can listen to phone calls and conversations with your Google Assistant using the Android phone’s motion sensors.
When an app asks you for permission to access the phone’s mic during installation, it can listen to your conversations.
However, researchers have discovered another way.
Modern smartphones have accelerometers that measure how fast you are moving. Accelerometers are very useful for fitness apps. Since Android apps do not require any permission to use the accelerometer, experts have used it for spying.

The loudspeakers of smartphones vibrate the body of the device. They are also able to hijack the accelerometer and take vibration samples.
Experts combined signal processing and machine learning in their attacks to turn vibration patterns into speech or conversation. Be
This method works as long as the phone’s loudspeakers are working. You can guess what other users are saying on the phone call.
Motion sensor sample rates (the frequency at which data is read) are still low, but experts have achieved even better results. Found out from

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